What is skin whitening treatment: Price, type and recovery time involved

If you are willing to restore your lost glow and skin tone, you can opt for skin whitening treatment as it helps in reducing the excessive melanin content on your skin. The accumulation of melanin can cause dark spots and uneven skin tones. Thus, if you want to get a lighter complexion than before, we can provide you with the best skin whitening treatment. With this treatment, you can minimize the damage to the skin caused by the sun, freckles and other types of related marks.


All about skin whitening treatment

People dealing with problems like freckles, age spots, scars, moles, acne, or people wanting to have fair skin can opt for skin whitening treatment. Skin whitening is a skin-bleaching process that helps enhance the complexion through Glutathione (a chemical substance). Through this treatment, one can easily lighten their skin's dark color, and even skin color will be provided.

Benefits of skin whitening treatment

Skin whitening treatment is a dermatological process of enhancing one's skin complexion. The process has recently gained popularity, where the molecule Glutathione is used. The chemical substance can help inhibit the enzyme that causes melanin production in the body. Furthermore, Glutathione also detoxifies the liver and encourages immunity in one's body as it is an antioxidant in human cells.

The sign of ageing is also reversed as it helps convert the melanin to a light color and produces melanin pigment by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase. The treatment helps make your skin fairer, brighter, and glow by improving the skin texture. Mentioned below are some benefits that this treatment upholds:

  • The treatment reduces the skin's melanin content which in turn gives the skin a whiter complexion
  • It also helps in reducing fine lines, scars, marks, and age spots
  • The skin also becomes lightened and gets evenly toned by skin whitening treatment

Best skin lightening treatments options

Different skin whitening treatments are available that help in improving your skin color. Some of the options for skin whitening treatment have been mentioned below:

1. Chemical peel for whitening skin

It is a treatment which is suitable for facial skin-lightening procedures. If you are looking to effectively reduce facial blemishes, tan, dark spots, etc., you can opt for chemical peel as it helps in lightening discolored skin. The process leaves the skin brighter as the alpha-hydroxy acid solution is applied to the damaged area, and the melanin build-up is eliminated.

2. Laser treatment for skin whitening

It is one of the highly effective skin whitening treatments where the concentrated beams of light energy are directed at the dark skin, which helps in removing skin layers. The high-energy light creates heat, and the skin is further treated by destroying the dark spots. Laser treatment for skin whitening is considered safe, effective and quick, and it takes around 30-40 minutes.

Furthermore, the process is not at all painful, and the patient who has undergone the laser procedure will be briefed about the aftercare by us as it must not be overlooked. It must be noted that it is not a permanent skin whitening treatment, but it tends to provide a long-term solution for lightening your skin.

3. Skin lightening injections

Skin-lightening injections contain glutathione, a skin-lightening agent that increases melanin levels. These injections can not only detoxify one's body but also protect the skin from harmful UV rays and enhance your skin tone.

Skin whitening treatment price

The skin whitening treatment cost may vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The cost varies from individual to individual as different people may have different needs, and thus the customisation would differ.
  • The size of the target area also determines the skin whitening treatment price. For example, the treatment carried out on the arms, legs are more expensive than those carried out on the face.
  • Other factors like the geographical location of the clinic, dermatologist expertise, equipment used, and the number of sessions required will determine the price of the treatment.

All about post-treatment guidelines and recovery time

If you feel low owing to a dark complexion and need a good skin tone, you can opt for a skin whitening treatment as it helps reduce the production and the concentration of melanin present in the skin. Once you have undergone the skin-whitening treatment, we will apprise you of the post-treatment guidelines, which include washing the concerned area with chemical-free soaps and dabbing very gently.

Other guidelines will also be discussed, such as applying sunscreen, aloe vera gel, etc. We will also apprise you about the permanent skin whitening treatment cost if you wish to get it done. Talking about recovery, one may recover depending on the type of treatment they have undertaken, Non-ablative treatment methods may take 2-3 days for recovery, whereas surgery such as a laser one then it may take up to 2-3 weeks to recover,

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