Get the best treatments for acne scars

Of course, many acne scars treatment options are available nowadays for acne scars. If you wish to get rid of your scars and feel that they are interfering with your social and professional life in a negative way, you may be the right candidate for professional treatment to remove acne scars.


Acne scars develop when the pores of your skin get filled by bacteria, oils, or dead skin that may rise from the surface. They are not unusual; around 80% of people between the ages of 11-30 years may have them due to changing hormones, stress, environmental pollution, etc.

At Dr’s point, you will be assessed thoroughly and advised of the best treatment for acne scars, tailored to your needs and wishes.

What are the various treatment options for acne scars?

The dermatologists at Dr’s point will recommend a suitable treatment procedure or a combination of therapies depending on your skin type, acne type, and severity of scarring. You may choose whichever suits you best. These are:

  • Chemical peels: This treatment is based on special chemicals that remove the topmost layer (epidermis) of the skin, and the new skin that grows is rejuvenated, smoother and clearer.
  • Derma ration and microdermabrasion: These procedures use a special tool and a special machine, which remove the top layer due to friction so that new, softer, and fresh skin replaces the old one.
  • Laser treatment for acne scars: Laser treatment focuses a beam of high-intensity light on the top layers of your skin, which heat it and breaks the scar tissue causing it to peel off and at the same time promotes the production of collagen and underneath skin cells to grow new and healthy skin to replace the scar tissue, thus minimizing the appearance of scars and the pain caused by them. Some lasers penetrate the deeper layers without causing any harm to the superficial layers. Our best dermatologists will recommend the type of laser treatment best suited for your skin.
  • Dermal Fillers: If your scar depresses your skin, dermal fillers can be used, wherein collagen, fat, or other substances are inserted under the skin to make it look plumper and soothes out the depressed scars so that they look less noticeable.
  • Steroid injections: Some of the medications, including steroids and some chemotherapy drugs, when injected into the skin, cause the raised scars to soften and flatten. These injections are performed as a series once every few weeks.
  • Micro-needling: As the name suggests, tiny needles are used to purposely make micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, which smoothens the scars.
  • Excision: Here, dermatologists cut the skin and remove the acne scars. Then the skin is stitched, and the wound is closed.
  • Punch grafting: It is an extension of the excision procedure as, after this, a skin graft from any other area, usually behind the ears, is made to fill the area from where the scar was removed.
  • Cryosurgery: Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the scar tissue, and resultantly, the dead tissue falls off by itself.

We at Dr’s point have high success rates for all the treatment procedures for acne scars and thus have developed thousands of delightful patients.

What is the cost of a laser acne removal procedure?

The laser treatment cost for acne scars in India varies across different regions, cities and areas. It depends on factors like:

  • The size of the area to be treated: The more the scar area, the more the cost will be.
  • The extent of scars: The more and deeper the scars, the more sittings may be needed, and thus the cost will increase.
  • If combination therapies are used: In case other therapies are also needed along with the laser therapy, the total cost will be altered.
  • Your dermatologist’s credentials: The more qualified and better-experienced dermatologist will charge a little extra but also provide better and delightful results with the least side effects.

Overall the laser therapy costs for acne removal are reasonable and pocket friendly at Dr’s point, where we also have different treatment packages, which make the total expenditure even more affordable.

Are there any risks/complications for the treatment of acne scars?

Minor pain, redness, and swelling may be followed by any acne scars treatment procedure, but these are normal body immune responses and are temporary and fade off by themselves in a few days. Sometimes pain and inflammation medicines may be prescribed by dermatologists.

At Dr’s point, all procedures are performed with the highest precision and skill; therefore, our patients experience minimal side effects and maximum benefits.

Is surgery also done as a treatment to remove acne scars?

Yes, sometimes minor surgery may need to be done, which lifts the scar tissue near the skin surface and makes the indentations less noticeable. The scar tissue may be removed completely so that new collagen is produced, and thus the scars smoothened out. The area will be numbed so that you will not feel any pain. Other acne removal therapies may also follow surgery.

Which is the best clinic for acne scar removal in Delhi NCR?

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